Rank stripping


In response to legislation passed last week by Congress, and mostly likely to be signed by President Moron soon, Amazon has proactively stripped the rankings of many authors in the erotica genre. This, I believe, is a cautionary tactic in response to the current environment regarding social media. amazon-logo_black

To my knowledge, Amazon acted without notice to the authors, nor have they made a public statement about the practice.

The net effect, however, will hurt authors in this genre, many of whom are independent. You see, rankings help their sales. The higher the ranking, the more popular the book is, and thus the more sales an author gains.

Please help the indie authors you know by keeping their names out there on social media, letting your friends know about their work, and let’s hope this madness ends soon.



Glory of Autumn


I love to cross stitch. It’s my hobby and a way to relax. My favorite pieces to stitch are usually Christmas related, since it’s my favorite time of the year. But I found this piece, and it reminded me so much of fall in my native Ohio, I just had to do it. So, after a couple of years of off and on stitching, it’s finally done.