Texting with Delaney


“All right then. I’ll meet you by the main gate. See you then.” She ended the conversation, and as soon as she did, a text from Delaney appeared.APumpkinKindofLove-200x300
Are you ok?
Other than a ruined batch of cookies and agreeing to go out with Royce, I’m fine.
What? Royce who?
Royce Browning. He was in my class.
Oh, yeah. He was on the football team, wasn’t he?
Yes. Baseball too. I checked in yearbook. He asked me out.
What? No way!!!!
I said yes.
You can’t do this. Not when the hottest guy in town is after you.
Grayson. He likes you.
Well I don’t like him.
If that’s the case, you’d better win that contest.
Oh, shit, please tell me she hadn’t heard about the wager with Grayson.
You heard about that?
Do crows caw? You betcha. Whatever possessed you to do that?
Allison sighed. If this was the pits of hell, she’d already fallen in and was rapidly proceeding deeper.
I was angry, okay? Frost chewed me out about the flowers. I couldn’t help myself.
Losing wouldn’t be such a bad thing, you know.
Who’s side are you on?
Yours of course.
Then why are you giving me a hard time?
Cause Grayson is a catch.
I’ve gotta go. Ttyl.
Allison ended the texting session and sat back in her chair. Yep, this had spiraled out of control like a top gone crazy.


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