Candy Cane Kisses


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Anne Baumann usually loves this time of year. There’s nothing as cheery as Christmas in Venice, Florida. Unfortunately, her disastrous love life and dismal financial situation have turned her into a total humbug. And with her parents now living nearby and eager to celebrate their first Sunshine State Christmas, Anne finds herself forced to suck it up and pretend her world isn’t about to implode.

She darn sure doesn’t need the handsome but grumpilicious Dr. Jim Grant as a distraction.

CCK 3Jim Grant lost his beloved wife three years earlier around Christmas, making it doubly heartbreaking. When he forces himself to attend the neighborhood block party, he certainly doesn’t want to schmooze with the new neighbors’ gorgeous daughter, Anne.

Except that he does.

Can an out-of-practice doctor and a headstrong, heartbroken woman find a Christmas miracle of their own? Might take something a little stronger than mistletoe…

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