Been absent, now back


Oh, wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted anything new. So speaking of new, what is new? 

Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know I released A Pumpkin Kind of Love last October, followed by Gingerbread Dreams, the second book in the Jasmine Lane series, last December.


I’m working on the third book now, tentatively titled Stitching for Love, which involves a pregnant young woman, maybe in her late teens (I haven’t decided on this yet) who’s on the outs with her mother over her boyfriend, who’s unit is shipping out soon. And there’s a bit of mystery too as Anne tries to locate the origin of an antique-looking piece of cross stitch brought in her shop by an older gentleman.

My friend, Lawrence Block, can just seem to ramble on and on in his monthly newsletters. I’m just finding it hard to be as loquacious as he is.

So, let’s see……

Well, the sandhill cranes that I’ve seen in a long time wandered past yesterday, and yes, it’s that time of year again. Two cute baby chicks were following along behind.

I’m in the process of trying to spruce up outside. I’ve been clearing out dead weeds,

cutting down the huge sunflower plants that grew where they shouldn’t have and digging out their roots. Bought my first three flowering plants from Ace Hardware yesterday and planted those this morning. Now, to keep them alive in our blistering Florida heat. The tag says they love sun, but I don’t think the growers had in mind a scorching sun.

Oh, yeah, I’ve been cross stitching too. More fun than writing, lol. Those of you in my fan group, Dalton and Jordan’s Darlings

Chocolate Moose

( saw this already, but since I love moose this should be no surprise.

It’s called a Chocolate Moose.

Then, for Christmas, I stitched this pattern for my stepson, which he seemed to like. I love the antique look of this piece.


  Well I’ve probably babbled on more than I should have. Later, everyone.