Christmas Catalogs


About a week ago, or maybe the week before that, I received a flyer from Target. I didn’t pay  much attention to it at first, but then the cover caught Target Christmas flyermy eye. You see what I mean from the image.

Toys! Christmas toys!

For those of you as old as me, you probably remember the joy of childhood when the Christmas toy catalogs arrived in the mail. My sisters and I would spend hours, just turning pages of this cherished item slowly, reveling in the treasures each page contained.

Dreaming. Wishing. Hoping.

Pens in hand, circling the hints to our parents.

Sears. J.C. Penny. Montgomery Ward. For a child, these were the equivalent of a Bible.

Alas, those are bygone days. But the arrival of this item from Target sure brought back some pleasant memories. Feel free to share your own thoughts.


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